Welcome to my realm!

DuchessWelcome to my realm!

I originally created this site in order to share my graphics, but the site never really had the best layout for that. I've also always wanted to share some of the pictures I have from various video games, but the site never really seemed to be set up for that, either.

Well, no more! With this new design, I have the perfect set up for all of the things I want to show, and even room for a little more, besides!

Thanks for coming and I'll seeya on the flip side!

Well, if you haven't figured it out, already, I finally did it... I signed up for Twitter. I don't know why, don't ask me that! Call it the prerogative of the Duchess!

Anyway, my (albeit short) list of tweets is on the right and you should feel free to tweet me; it will make me feel special!


  • don't take anything from these pages without my permission. I don't mind people borrowing them, but I like to know when they are.

    Thank you!
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